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The boys had a scoopful of delicious vanilla ice cream, which we were not charged for.
If you're turned on by sensual soaks, scatter a scoopful of Silky Soft Bath Beads (pounds 6) into a running bath and luxuriate in their delicious avocado aroma.
From a fourth scoopful, samples will be delivered to both CheMin and to the sample analysis at Mars (SAM) instrument, which identifies chemical ingredients.
Los Angeles-based Lovin' Scoopful reports that its gourmet light ice cream is now available for the first time in grocery stores in select east coast and southern states.
The robotic arm's first attempt to deliver a crumbly scoopful of dirt to the Thermal and Evolved Gas Analyzer (TEGA) failed.
cranberry into a shaker with a scoopful of crushed ice.