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science park


business park

a cluster of firms, mainly high-technology businesses, which are located together on a purpose-built site adjacent to a university, polytechnic or some other centre of research, which facilitates the transfer of basic technology and know-how from research laboratories to commercial applications. The term is also applied more generally to embrace technology parks or technopoles (commonly found in Continental Europe), where emphasis is on attracting established research-based companies and innovation centres which cater for smaller high-technology companies.

In most countries a large proportion of the investment in science-park infrastructure and buildings is provided by the public sector as part of a wider programme to stimulate regional enterprise and promote technological advance. See RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT, REGIONAL POLICY, INDUSTRIAL POLICY.

science park

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The International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation (IASP) unites professionals who manage science parks, business incubators, and science and innovation related institutes.
Companies licensed by Dubai Science Park with locations in other TECOM areas, such as Internet City, will gradually move into the new HQ buildings upon their completion.
Pryderi ap Rhisiart, Project Manager, Menai Science Park Ltd, said: "M-SParc, as the name implies, aims to provide a spark to not only ignite innovation and entrepreneurship across North Wales, but also to create an exciting and unique environment for companies and employees alike.
Overall 750 businesses have been based at the University of Warwick Science Park since it was created.
Now science park workers say the council has failed to capitalise on an opportunity to ease the historic problem of connecting Eastside companies to the rest of the city.
On the other hand, transformed from an obsolete, traditional industrial park into a precision machinery industry park, the Erlin Science Park is spread over a land area of 123 hectares as part of CTSP, and for machinery suppliers.
Accounts for Liverpool Science Park just filed at Companies House show a surplus of pounds 291,573 for the year to March.
David Lupson, chief operating officer for the science park, said: "The science park opened in January 2006 and reached its full capacity within three years.
Unlike normal property developments, a typical science park will offer technology and business services, either in-house or through a regional network of experts.
In addition to special electrical infrastructure and plumbing for water, the Silicon Border Science Park will be laid out similar to a college campus and will feature a university, technical training and research facilities, as well as recreation facilities and a clubhouse in which employees, executives, and academia can interact.
My summer spent at Science Park was a great experience for me and translated into direct hands-on classroom activities for my middle school students," says Elissa Quintero Adams, a seventh-grade science teacher at Cedar Creek Middle School in Bastrop.
This is a huge help for focused companies specialising in sciences or specialised engineering and the spectacular success of developments such as the Cambridge Science Park helps to foster that city's academic reputation, allowing graduates to remain in the city at the same time.

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