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The marketing experts, industry analysts, and deployment statistics all confirm that workgroup scanners comprise the fastest growing segment of the scanner market with, according to InfoTrends, an industry-leading 80 percent growth in shipments from 2004 to 2005.
Today at the BAI Retail Delivery conference, Silver Bullet, a leader in check scanning applications and development tools, unveiled Scout(TM), its newest Check 21 solution designed to help protect financial institutions against the uncertain performance of inexpensive check scanners.
Large banks are also looking for new tools to help them manage hundreds of thousands of check scanners in the field.
The Xerox DocuMate 272 is a duplex sheetfed scanner for workgroup and distributed scanning environments that need to scan plastic ID cards as well as mixed sized documents.
Students use these interior scanners to gain access to their individual rooms--after students authenticate by waving their hands through the scanner, the device unlocks all individual room doors in that particular hallway for up to 20 seconds, enabling students literally to walk right in.
Average sales prices for 35mm scanners will drop to $721 by 2004.
When deciding what scanner to buy, consider three elements: the unit's resolution capabilities, its bit depth (which determines the richness of the image) and the bundled software that lets the machine work.
However, it is still possible to measure difficult areas by adjusting one scanner to illuminate inside any cracks.
Each scanner can hold a small stack of paper for automatic feeding.
Adding a TS4120 scanner to an existing Digital Check scanner network or upgrading an existing scanning device within a check capture application requires little software and implementation time.
Data is then transferred from the scanner to the PC via a cable that connects to the computer serial port or an IrDa port.
Kofax VRS (Virtual ReScan[R]) technology enables the scanner to capture challenging documents - such as those printed on security paper, recycled paper, wrinkled paper or thermal paper - and delivers perfect scans automatically.