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1. A trader who holds a position for a very short time and sells it for a small gain. A scalper buys and instantly sells a security hoping to profit from the bid-ask spread. Scalpers hope the series of small gains over the course of the trading day will result in much larger gains. See also: Day Trader.

2. An investment adviser who makes a trade on his/her own account immediately before recommending a client to take a position on the same security. A scalper takes advantage of his/her insider knowledge and the client's trust to make a gain. Scalping, in this sense, is illegal.


1. A market maker who assigns excessive markups or markdowns on security transactions. Such activity is in violation of National Association of Securities Dealers rules.
2. An investment adviser who takes a position in a security before publicly recommending the security for purchase. The scalper then sells the security at a profit after the recommendation has caused investors to buy the security and push its price higher. This type of activity must be disclosed to buyers.
3. An in-and-out trader who attempts to profit on relatively small price changes.
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During 2008, an extra jaw and scalper were added to the operation, which expanded an extra five acres, and produced 400,000 tons.
Discretionary scalpers will make each trading decision in real time (albeit very quickly), whereas system scalpers will follow a scalping system without making any individual trading decisions.
LEGIONS OF FANS AND SCALPERS Apple products are wildly popular with Chinese eager to acquire the latest technology first.
PORT ELIZABETH: Two hours before gates opened for the World Cup clash between Germany and Serbia on Friday, ticket scalpers circled the stadium for potential buyers.
exchange, the whole of the issued share capital of Scalper Limited.
Designed to meet the needs of sports and entertainment fans throughout the United States while bypassing the costly efforts of ticket scalpers, FreeTicketExchange.
The 23-year-old traveled to Autzen Stadium from Portland anyway, and bought a ticket from one of the many scalpers who hang around the stadium on game day.
There even were a handful of ticket scalpers in the parking lot before Williams' match Tuesday night.
Initial scalping is achieved by a Derrick belt scalper.
The ticket scalper is more an arbitrager than a speculator in this case.
McNeely was in need of a heavy duty and quality scalper that could initially screen the heavy volume of material blasted off the thee of the quarry every two weeks.