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1. A trader who holds a position for a very short time and sells it for a small gain. A scalper buys and instantly sells a security hoping to profit from the bid-ask spread. Scalpers hope the series of small gains over the course of the trading day will result in much larger gains. See also: Day Trader.

2. An investment adviser who makes a trade on his/her own account immediately before recommending a client to take a position on the same security. A scalper takes advantage of his/her insider knowledge and the client's trust to make a gain. Scalping, in this sense, is illegal.


1. A market maker who assigns excessive markups or markdowns on security transactions. Such activity is in violation of National Association of Securities Dealers rules.
2. An investment adviser who takes a position in a security before publicly recommending the security for purchase. The scalper then sells the security at a profit after the recommendation has caused investors to buy the security and push its price higher. This type of activity must be disclosed to buyers.
3. An in-and-out trader who attempts to profit on relatively small price changes.
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Scalpers who ran advertisements online hired thousands of people to stand in line at the Apple stores, offering 100 yuan ($16) per person plus dinner, the Global Times reported.
Lastly, the practice of "ice" (insider trading where box office employees channel tickets to brokers and scalpers for a fee) was changed from a misdemeanor to a felony in 2001.
On the even of the Germany match, scalpers openly approached people at bars and restaurants in Port Elizabeth, taking advantage of the growing buzz ahead of the match.
It benefits from Sandvik's history of mobile scalper development as well as sharing common features of its larger siblings including a two-way split configuration option and sequential start-up.
A Quezon City councilor has filed a measure that will impose higher penalties on scalpers or people that sell tickets for shows or events way above its official cost.
But the promoter's bad business decision doesn't excuse Lyn Peraldo, a North Carolina mom who paid over $1,000 for four tickets to a Montana show and then filed a civil lawsuit against the online scalper with which she did business.
An airline employee and a ticket scalper were charged Tuesday (12 April) in connection with the bombing of two Russian passenger jets in August 2004.
I STARTED my company Scalper Ltd, a software and solutions provider, while unemployed and after 18 months am now in a good position.
One scalper who bought a pair of inauguration tickets for $700 hoped to sell them for $1,400, but can't get anyone to buy them.
Lower and upper box tickets from scalper, meanwhile, were pegged from P750 to P2,000.
had an initial plant consisting of an Extec (now Sandvik) C12+ mobile jaw crushers and an E7 mobile scalper, which were rented from Brian Costello from Crushing Tigers, the local distributor of Sandvik mobile crushers and screeners.