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In organized labor, an employee who breaks a strike. That is, a scab does not go on strike with other employees but instead keeps working. A scab may do this out of concern for his/her livelihood, because he/she does not agree with the reasons for striking, or for some other reason. Because scabs are thought to reduce the effectiveness of a strike, the term is highly derogatory.


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It was here that concerns were raised in regards to the sheep being infected with scabby mouth disease.
The book also delves into the strange case of Swansea rebel William ap Rhys, also delightfully known as William Crach or William the Scabby.
is the 22nd album of award-nominated drum group Black Lodge, lead by Kenny Scabby Robe and comprised primarily of his twelve sons.
I'm going to be bidding for ``Keep out - no riff-raff'' (front door), ``Do not use mobile phones on the lawn'' (lawn) and ``Get your scabby arses off the fountain'', even though I haven't got a fountain.
However, rabbit pox is an extremely rare viral disease that causes crusty scabby lesions on the skin and mucus membranes.
The lice may look like small scabby crusts, or they may appear as small bluish spots on the skin.
And it wasn't just a scabby 1-0 win as they handed Brendan Rodgers' titlechasers their biggest drubbing of the campaign.
Or the scabby looking car park next to the motor point?
It's their mangled feet, pecked heads and scabby wings, their brazenness about flapping up onto your table at an outdoor cafe and eating your cake crumbs, while giving you dysentery or the black death or something, they're so riddled with disease.
Affected plants develop brown spots, especially around the edges of the leaves, the stems turn brown and potatoes develop scabby cankers that lead to brown patches inside the tubers which soon rot.
A scabby kick from Ian Bennett has gone along the ground and back on through.
If I get a scabby fiver or tenner in change from a taxi driver, I find the nearest bank and get them to give me a new one.