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In organized labor, an employee who breaks a strike. That is, a scab does not go on strike with other employees but instead keeps working. A scab may do this out of concern for his/her livelihood, because he/she does not agree with the reasons for striking, or for some other reason. Because scabs are thought to reduce the effectiveness of a strike, the term is highly derogatory.


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The invaded epithelium cornifies and separates in form of a scab (Ambrose et al.
While some host [pecan] resistance is available to reduce the impact of pecan scab, new strains of the pathogen have been able to overcome that resistance," says Bock.
In laboratory experiments, the human cells involved in healing quickly attached to the membrane and lined up like those in actual scabs.
As farmers are sometimes reluctant to discuss scab, the scale of the problem has been difficult to assess.
For us, the aim of the article was scab removal; it was not deemed necessary to expound upon a second topic that we considered common knowledge for anyone working in health care.
Scabs are such a classic childhood ailment that it's a surprise to see an adult covered in what Wikipedia elegantly defines as "hard coatings on the skin formed during the wound-healing reconstruction phase".
Moreover, when the strike began to wind down in September, it became clear that at least half of the scab workforce on the waterfront was composed, not of middleclass patriots but of men who wished to remain and who, promised preference, would, if they remained, force the returning strikers to wait in line behind them at the daily call up.
As such, it was expected that the SCAB would significantly, positively correlate with Holland's Artistic type of vocational interests.
Narrator B: One day, Kid Blink, Dave, and other newsies find scabs selling papers on a street corner.
You can also make a tea from chives and use as a spray on your apple trees to help protect from scab.
If someone tries to cross the picket line, ``You should call them what they are at that point, a scab, and any other derogatory term you feel appropriate to use for an individual who is taking wages from you and your family.