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General condensation will occur in cold weather when the air in an unheated room may be close to saturation point.
As the diameter of the extrudate decreases to 4 mm, the saturation point is increased to around 10 RPM.
Thus, drying wood to near the fiber saturation point is sufficient to provide ideal conditions for preservative penetration into permeable wood.
Where we're competing, indeed nearing the saturation point, is in the low-end TV series and MOWs.
As I have said both on and off the record to my legislative colleagues, I have reached the saturation point for such remarks from Robinson and the crowd of supporters who rallied for his viewpoint.
Oil City is rapidly approaching the saturation point for its backlog on its existing machine, and management is looking forward to purchasing another SCC 90.
The airport construction was made necessary because the Tunis-Carthage and Monastir-Skanes airports would reach saturation point soon, officials said.
Will we eventually reach a saturation point where every patch of blue in the sky, every morsel of Styrofoam packing material, every possible surface the eye might alight on will be filled with injunctions to spend?
Other states have also seen their turkey populations reach saturation point. Sixty years ago, five American subspecies of wild turkey were driven from their natural habitats by deforestation or hunted to near-extinction.
It is also important to remember that, no matter how absorptive the pad - or brief, for that matter - none of these products is "leakproof"; all have a saturation point. This is of particular importance with nighttime use, because research has shown that the elderly are prone to voiding higher volumes during sleep because of physiological changes associated with aging.
With domestic cable households at a near saturation point of about 63 million homes, and BET in about 85% of them, there's almost nowhere to turn--except abroad.
Has television sports reached the saturation point?