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1. Informal; an anti-takeover measure.

2. When a company desires a takeover and it has a potential buyer, a stalling tactic the company uses to find a better buyer without scaring off the buyer it already has.

3. In sales, the practice of a salesperson to delay the completion of a deal until such time as he/she will be able to maximize his/her commission.


An action taken by a company to stall an anticipated takeover attempt.
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Eventually, I figured out that the theatre's rigging ropes, which were run over pulleys and tied to sandbags, were made of this naturally derived fiber, as opposed to the durable synthetic rope or steel cable of today's manual steel plate counterweight or motorized rigging systems.
People had been asking for sandbags for their houses and were apparently told they could go and buy them for PS1.
A local farm in the throes of bankruptcy donated 90,000 seed bags that were perfect for use as sandbags, said Lane County Emergency Manager Linda Cook, who said Saturday's workshop was the first held locally on sandbagging technique.
The shrink-wrapped FloodSax store away easily for five years and after use, the whole product is biodegradable - unlike conventional sandbags that are inconvenient to dispose of.
Put sandbags or flood boards in place but make sure your property is ventilated.
Take a moment to think of all the exercise possibilities with barbells and dumbbells, and chances are that they can be performed with a sandbag.
Deploying the traditional sandbag dike is an expensive and labour-intensive task, requiring plenty of people power and a lot of grunt work.
Luckily for the residents of Naperville, Illinois, the city's Public Works Department had the foresight to invest in an innovative machine specifically designed to speed up and simplify sandbag filling.
The sandbag represented the most effective way operating company heads believed they should package budget proposals and capital requests: by trying to "sandbag" the CFO into seeing things their way.