sales representative

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sales representative (rep) or sales executive

a salesperson employed to represent his or her company's products to prospective buyers. Sales representatives usually visit potential buyers at the buyers' premises and are generally responsible for visiting numbers of customers within their designated sales territory.

Sales representatives are responsible for securing repeat orders from established customers, gaining orders from new customers, informing customers about their firm's new products and collecting market intelligence from customers. In many cases the selling task also involves representatives in demonstrating products, offering technical advice and arranging credit terms. Sales representatives are often remunerated partly by means of SALES COMMISSION in order to provide them with incentives to secure sales.


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Linking EMS internal profits to sales representative commissions is a debatable subject.
We are also excited to have Craig join our team of Sales Representatives. His considerable workers' compensation industry background will be an asset to our clients as they participate in our return-to-work programs.
Martin Barrett and Emily Bryant are sales representatives, and Jessica Crowley is an account manager.
* DDMAC followed up on reports from multiple healthcare professionals regarding the promotion of Xopenex by a Sepracor sales representative in Dallas for an unapproved dosing regimen.
Demonstrate the Cause of Action against the Sales Representative Is Legally Inadequate Under Applicable State Law.
This sentiment is echoed by Craig Schaeffer, Orgill's director of sales administration, who says that every Orgill employee acts as a sales representative for the company.
Mark Trujillo was promoted to heavy-equipment sales representative at the Anchorage branch of NC Machinery.
of Toronto has been appointed BST Pro Mark sales representative for the Canadian provinces of Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia.
Hornbecker sales representative for the company's Denver, CO sales region.
Randy Norris of Tampa, Fla., has been hired as Monadnock's southern graphic arts sales representative. Mike Chester has joined the Mid-Atlantic region graphic arts sales team.
Towner Press has hired experienced sales representative Lelani Thomsen to its sales team.