sales price

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The value of a thing with real or perceived worth. Price represents the amount of value the market has assigned, fairly or unfairly, to a good or service. Normally, prices are expressed in terms of money, but practices such as countertrade and PIK securities indicate that prices may be expressed in goods: "four chickens for two sheep." Price is a necessary component of trade.

Prices tend to be regulated by the law of supply and demand; that is, a price of a good or service increases with smaller supply and/or greater demand. A corollary to this is the idea that commoditization drives prices down because it increases supply (sometimes vastly) while leaving demand the same. Prices likewise rise when the value of money declines. Governments can and have controlled the prices of certain goods and services by subsidy or decree. This is usually an anti-inflationary measure and tends to distort, rather than eliminate, the law of supply and demand. It is thus not generally sustainable as a mechanism for controlling price.

sales price

The contractually agreed upon price for real estate.

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In Portland, for example, the average sales price last year rose 8.
The combination of the lawsuit and the upcoming election are shining the brightest spotlight on the issue of real estate sales price disclosure since 2007, when a Task Force on Appraisal Reform appointed by Gov.
The second-quarter median sales price in the co-op and condominium loft market increased 6.
ranked eighth with an HPCI average sales price of $1.
We don't interpret the decline in the median sales price of U.
The taxpayer will argue that the statutory language, which declares that the "loss (if sustained) must be recognized," is not intended to address a hypothetical loss, but in fact only applies when a loss really is sustained; for example, in the above scenario, if the sales price were $19 or less.
Wood noted that the average sales price for the first five months of the year was $277,300, up 9.
Bellingham's median sales price for the year dropped 5 percent to $299,000 and its number of sales fell 28 percent.
GPP = [Aggregate sales price - Aggregate cost]/ Aggregate sales price