sales price

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The value of a thing with real or perceived worth. Price represents the amount of value the market has assigned, fairly or unfairly, to a good or service. Normally, prices are expressed in terms of money, but practices such as countertrade and PIK securities indicate that prices may be expressed in goods: "four chickens for two sheep." Price is a necessary component of trade.

Prices tend to be regulated by the law of supply and demand; that is, a price of a good or service increases with smaller supply and/or greater demand. A corollary to this is the idea that commoditization drives prices down because it increases supply (sometimes vastly) while leaving demand the same. Prices likewise rise when the value of money declines. Governments can and have controlled the prices of certain goods and services by subsidy or decree. This is usually an anti-inflationary measure and tends to distort, rather than eliminate, the law of supply and demand. It is thus not generally sustainable as a mechanism for controlling price.

sales price

The contractually agreed upon price for real estate.

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Aside from predictions of a new tax, critics of mandatory sales price disclosure have argued it would violate property owners' privacy without improving the accuracy of appraisals.
The average sales price was slightly higher, consistent with the increased performance of the luxury market.
The median sales price gained 4 percent to $1,419,500, and average market time shrank to 108 days from 141 in 2013.
Sales of attached luxury homes in Chicago increased 21 percent to 69 units when compared to the same period in 2012, and the median sales price slipped 1 percent to $1.
7 percent increase in median sales price from August 2011, and the 4.
While the second-quarter co-op median sales price was $700,000-up 40 basis points from $697,501 in the second quarter of 2010-the condominium median sales price fell 2.
9 percent from a year earlier, and the median sales price of existing single-family homes for the Little RockNorth Little Rock area had a 7.
Bucking this trend, both the average and median sales price for full-service hotel transactions in our database declined in 2004.
LANCASTER - Antelope Valley's average home sales prices jumped 34 percent, with the biggest price increases in Lake Los Angeles and Leona Valley, an economic development organization said.
422(c)(2)(B) limits the disqualifying disposition ordinary income to the stock sales price (rather than the value on exercise), if and only if, the "disposition is a sale or exchange with respect to which a loss (if sustained) would be recognized to such individual.
6) We recognize that the current regulations may create a disparity in the calculation of CTI where the sales price is determined using a comparable uncontrolled price method and the expenses are apportioned based on the production-cost ratio method.
Fairfax County, VA Median sales price in 2011 is showing a small positive change from $385,000 to $387,900.