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SMPFC also reported lower costs on some major raw materials, a better sales mix, and improved operational efficiencies that resulted in its operating income growing by 24 percent year-on-year to P4.
Standard costing and cost-volume-profit analysis assume that sales mix is constant.
MINNEAPOLIS -- With Target executives attributing their third quarter earnings shortfall to soft sales in two key categories, apparel and home, the subjects of margins and sales mix were explored in some detail during the retailer's conference call with analysts.
In the coop market, the sales mix of apartments shifted as entry-level apartments gained market share at the expense of 2, 3 and 4-bedroom units.
MAYFIELD HEIGHTS, Ohio-Unit volume growth and a more profitable sales mix of small electric appliances helped the housewares division of Nacco Industries Inc.
Management of the product/service sales mix to grow the sales of products and services with higher average selling prices and gross margin revenue.
is seeing its efforts to improve the company's sales mix and internal efficiency pay off, according to James Tennant, chairman and chief executive.
In one, a 27-story-high-rise condominium tower in Forest Hills, Queens, the recent bear market attracted surprising number of buyers through a sales mix of conventional marketing and multiple auctions, as well as a promotional campaign positioning the tower as a Manhattan building that happened to be located in Queens.