sales load

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Sales load

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A sales charge or commission one pays for purchasing a mutual fund. The charge is paid to the person(s) who sold the investor shares in the fund. There are three types of load. A front-end load occurs when the shareholder pays the fee when buying into the fund. A back-end load means that the investor pays when selling his/her shares. Finally, an investor with a level-load fund pays periodically throughout his/her time as a shareholder. Studies have shown that load funds perform neither better nor worse than no-load funds.
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sales load

See load.
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Charges to VL policies include sales loads, a onetime policy fee, annual administration charges, a state premium tax charge, a risk charge and, in some cases, switching fees.
However, the SECP has issued a directive restraining pension fund managers to charge sales load if investors themselves approach the fund manager for investment.
"The problem with the current structure is that, in order to accommodate such advisory relationships, it permits excessive sales loads to be collected from non-advisory customers that can substantially exceed purported sales load 'limits,'" the commenters say.
The NASD's regulatory action treated front-end loads and 12b-1 financed spread loads as different forms of the same thing: sales loads. (126) This is only fair because, as currently used by the fund industry, in many cases, from the investor's standpoint 12b-1 fees principally are a form of hidden or disguised sales load.
So if you invest $1,000 in a mutual fund with a 3% sales load, this means that $30 of your money is taken out to pay a commission, and just $970 is actually being invested.
The company's investment adviser, New Mountain Finance Advisers BDC LLC paid a USD0.39 per share portion of the USD0.42 per share sales load paid to the underwriters, such that the company received net proceeds of USD13.65 per share in the offering.
However, the pension fund managers have been prohibited from charging sales load on subsequent contributions made by a participant whether directly or online.Over 65 percent of the assets of the pension fund industry are invested in Shariah-compliant funds.
All of the costs of the Offer, including offering expenses and sales load, will be borne by RMR Advisors LLC, the Fund's investment adviser, and not by the Fund and its Common Shareholders.
The report includes sales load and management fee being charged by the asset management company to the investors.
Sales Load / Sales Charge is the amount charged to the investor at the time of investment.