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Sunstate has licensed SS&C's Lightning Trading, Funding, Safekeeping, DDA General Ledger and Web Portal modules and will benefit from a solution that links front, middle and back office processes.
If you are worried about safekeeping of your insurance policies, the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority's insurance repository will come to your rescue.
This is inclusive of the modus operandi of the current structure, its unique features, formula for calculation of the safekeeping fee, the financing margin, and the redemption mechanism.
Safekeeping is similar to the hero's journey we have seen throughout literature.
The FHLB will also leverage Citi's proprietary platform to deliver white-labelled settlement and safekeeping services to its member banks.
It also ensures proper safekeeping of documents, which in turn improves management and maintains rights and interests of individuals and society.
This covers a range of services including equity and fixed income securities settlements, safekeeping, corporate actions, income and entitlements collection, proxy services, foreign ownership monitoring and disclosure services, cash management, foreign exchange, reporting, and information services to clients.
Q When I bought my house in 1970 I used a local firm of solicitors who retained my title deeds for safekeeping. About two years ago I discovered that the property was not registered at the Land Registry.
A PERSISTENT thief who burgled his neighbour's home told police he only removed a laptop computer for "safekeeping".
I certify that I have read the rules applicable to lawyer trust accounts and safekeeping property in chapter 5 of the Rules Regulating The Florida Bar [] and that:
Individuals with orders of protection issued against them soon will have their Firearm Owner's Identification (FOID) Card revoked, requiring them to surrender their guns to a local law enforcement agency for safekeeping. Illinois lawmakers recently amended the Firearm Owners Identification Card Act to "revoke and seize" a FOID card of any person who is subject to an order of protection.
Add a man's search for his long-lost mother, a princess sent to a kingdom for safekeeping, and a mystic's curse of loneliness and power and you have four distinct powerhouse reads perfect for any science fiction collection.