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The two-character ISO 3166 country code for SWEDEN.
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1. An ancient Sumerian unit of length approximately equivalent to 0.0025 meters.

2. An ancient Sumerian unit of weight approximately equivalent to 50 milligrams.
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"But the feelings expressed by my colleagues and friends emphasising the importance of this stage and the gravity of our situation necessitated my return to the post in order to preserve the institutions and the ministry," Saber Arab explained.
Saber Arab announced he would resign in a press statement on 4 February, but gave no official reason for his decision.
Las cosas se complican si se tiene en cuenta otro complemento oracional de 'to know': saber como hacer algo.
HAY UNA DISTINCION ENTRE SABER COMO hacer algo y saber que algo es el caso.
Obviously the clerk made a mistake and the judge didn't notice it," said Ahmed Ezzat, member of Saber's defence team and of the legal division of the Association for Freedom of Thought and Expression.
On other grounds, Saber left Beirut for Saudi Arabia to promote his new album.
His mother, Kariman Meseeha, called the police for protection but they arrested Saber instead, in what appeared to be complicity with the mob.
The defence lawyers said they had not been allowed to view the case files yet and demanded the case be postponed until they do so, with Saber being released in the meantime.
Saber's trial is set to start on 26 September after the prosecutor Sherif Shrawy's investigation found that he "insulted Islam and Christianity" through "words, actions and extremist ideas" as well as creating Facebook pages dedicated to insulting religions and spreading atheism.
Seif El-Dawla says that Saber had extensive injuries.