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In a Rush Hour traffic jam, each vehicle on the six-by-six-square tray is one square wide and either two or three squares long.
Fortunately, there is a fairly straightforward way to reduce or even eliminate clogged traffic: Make drivers pay tolls during rush hours.
Similar rush hour challenges are also due to take place in Coventry, Solihull and Walsall.
Traffic from nearby Westwood Business Park combines with university traffic to create the rush hour congestion.
Fans are also advised to arrive early at the stadium to avoid congestion from rush hour traffic due to the 5.
He also said that he is keen for things to move forward quickly as he felt frustrated by the long periods between the Rush Hour films.
We have, in the past, been unable to schedule enough service in rush hour to properly handle the higher demand of that time period, but by using larger buses we can move some midday service hours -- keeping the same capacity in midday -- to rush hour, dramatically improving capacity at that busier time.
Objectors said they feared queues would spread on to the A1 motorway from the A690 during rush hour.
Meanwhile, early evening concerts designed to appeal to commuters before they face the rush hour traffic are proving particularly popular with Birmingham's city professionals, the CBSO said.
RUSH HOUR is a reminder of why Hollywood likes formulas - when they work as well as this, everyone goes home happy.
In Edinburgh, diversions caused by the partial closure of Princes Street will have their first real test in this morning's rush hour.