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Describing a town or vicinity outside a major, metropolitan area. Rural areas have low population density. Most people in rural areas work in urban or suburban areas, but some still work in agricultural or energy producing industries. In the United States, living in a rural area can qualify one for some forms of government assistance, such as a USDA mortgage.


Concerning the country. Contrast with urban or suburban.

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The last factor Total Hours Work (THW) Spent by a working woman at job place and at home having positive and significant relation with the (WWSY) in all three urban and rural areas except in one rural area i.
The rural areas in the study were the Fangshan District located in the Southwest of Beijing and the Tongzhou District located in the Southeast of Beijing.
71% are reluctant to serve in the rural areas of Goa.
Results: The overall average of the total score of respondents' attitudes toward the working in rural areas was 45.
He noted that 35 of the nation's 165 medical schools have started to look at training for rural areas in "a more serious way.
Within the EU27, the main rural areas produce 13% of the overall Gross Value Added (GVA).
Safety issues of not having to travel six hours on icy winter roads in rural areas is an additional benefit.
The Northern rural regions exemplify this national picture, particularly as a consequence of cultural attitudes towards women in rural areas.
Chairman Ewen Cameron, who is also Tony Blair's rural ``tsar'', said the Government had done much to address housing needs in rural areas but that greater co-ordination was a pr i or i t y.
That means physicians, nurse practitioners, if they have tuition bills unpaid, up to $120,000 are available if they work in the rural areas,'' Rice said.
The task force echoed congressional ambivalence by attempting to balance the goals of facilitating competition in rural areas and preserving and advancing universal service.
He said that cleanliness system in rural areas was being improved in the district under the programme launched on the directives of CM Punjab Shehbaz Sharif.

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