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Describing a town or vicinity outside a major, metropolitan area. Rural areas have low population density. Most people in rural areas work in urban or suburban areas, but some still work in agricultural or energy producing industries. In the United States, living in a rural area can qualify one for some forms of government assistance, such as a USDA mortgage.


Concerning the country. Contrast with urban or suburban.

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It was not that any harm could be said concerning the vicar of that charming rural parish to which Dorlcote Mill belonged; he was a man of excellent family, an irreproachable bachelor, of elegant pursuits,--had taken honors, and held a fellowship.
The report also demonstrates the continued need for targeted investments in rural people and places.
This year, the National Organization of State Offices of Rural Health will bejoined by Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia M.
A companion document to Healthy People 2020, the nation's health objectives for the current decade, Rural Healthy People 2020 offers an overview of the top health challenges facing the nation's rural communities and shares examples of health interventions and community-based efforts that are succeeding in rural settings.
The first "Rural Statement" was unveiled by environment secretary Owen Paterson this week giving farmers and other rural businesses an expectation of the changes they should see both at work and in their communities, as the Government delivers its vision for rural England.
Johnsons' opening remarks were an overview of the Rural Development Division of the USDA, allowing those in attendance greater insight into Rural Development's role in today's rural America.
9% of all physicians were located in rural areas and small-town Canada, where just over one-fifth of the population lives.
Melissa Walker's book, All We Know Was to Farm: Rural Women in the Upcountry South, 1919-1941 is a fascinating account of twentieth-century rural America that should be read by all those interested in class relations, commercial agriculture, industrialization, the role of the state, and gender roles.
The state's so-called Sparsity aid is paid to help outlying rural schools, and in this case, aids two schools in the district.
The architect's paintings have an affinity with Chagall, another poet of the countryside who sought to express the rhythms of impoverished rural life in modernist compositions.
But then they would need labor help, and workers are hard to come by because jobs in the cities and metro areas pay more on average than jobs in rural areas.