running ahead

Running ahead

The illegal practice of trading in a security for a broker's personal account before placing an order for the same security for a customer.

Running Ahead

An illegal act in which a broker or other representative, just before filling a large order on behalf of a client, conducts a transaction in the same security on his/her own account. A large order to buy or sell usually affects the price of a security; the broker conducts the transaction hoping to profit on the movement in price after he/she fills the client's order. This is a form of insider trading, as the broker filling the order knows something about the market's probable movement that other market participants do not know. It is also known as tape racing.

running ahead

The illegal purchase or sale of a security by a broker for his or her personal account before execution of customer orders in the same security. If a brokerage firm issues a negative report on a company, a broker acting on the report for his or her own account before telling clients about the report would be running ahead. See also front running.
References in classic literature ?
There are some sailors running ahead there, if I see right, said I to Queequeg, it can't be shadows; she's off by sunrise, I guess; come on
I joined them, and Leo accompanied us at some distance, running ahead and starting up at us out of clumps of ironweed, calling, `I'm a jack rabbit,' or, `I'm a big bull-snake.
Presently, however, coming down a foot-path that crossed the highway, he caught sight of a slight figure in a red cloak, with a big dog running ahead.
The Milwaukee Yamaha rider had not previously won this season but he was running ahead of four-time title winner and series leader Shane Byrne when the PBM Kawasaki rider crashed out of contention at Westfields after his team-mate Stuart Easton had crashed at the same point.
TURKEY has withdrawn its bid to stage the Ryder Cup in 2022, leaving ve nations in the running ahead of inspection visits from tournament oY=cials which will get under way this week.
AN easier Budget could be on the cards after it was revealed State finances are running ahead of target.
with April's 148,246 running ahead of March's 136,286.
home form and they at Loftus running ahead of the announcement on May 15 are Premier League top scorer Alan Shearer and Paul Scholes at 5/1, with Cristiano Ronaldo at 8/1.
The company said the turnaround was running ahead of plan, with profits for 2010 up to pounds 160.
The dad said he thought his son was with the other adults who were running ahead of him.
ATHLETICS: Lord Coe has sounded a cautious note of optimism over the future of men's British middle-distance running ahead of the 2012 London Olympics.