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SGT C said that he heard a lot of small arms fire and yelling, so he thought he would round the corner and size up the situation before advancing his team.
The car crash round the corner for most of the "Western governments is the fact that their demographics will not be able to support this scenario for long.
You'll find that your eye is led round the corner, wondering what's round there, rather than looking too deeply into the depth of the border which could be hiding that compost heap or dustbin.
If, as Sanford Bernstein's 1994 research indicates, large service providers are battling for market share, these large players assume they'll eventually round the corner on profitability
The coldness of winter will leave us soon We will now see more of the sun and less of the moon Spring I believe is just round the corner Yes our days will be longer and very much warmer Soon the resin will begin to rise Spring is the season of surprise Our gardens now will begin to grow As they recover from the winter's snow The birds will return from their winter's rest There first task is to spring clean the nest The daffodils and tulips are beginning to show Tells winter is almost over which we already know In a month or two when our gardens are aglow Winter will then seem such a long time ago GEORGE McLANDERS
Summary: Bhilwada (Rajasthan) [India], Nov 1 (ANI): As assembly elections are round the corner in several states, scores of political contenders belonging to various political parties are flocking to a small village called Kario, about 20 kilometres from Bhilwada, to seek future advice from well-known astrologer Nathulal Vyas.
THE next general election is round the corner. Starting from sitting governments in the centre and the provinces and going back to the mid-1980s, our experience tells us that almost all previously elected civilian and military governments showed complete indifference to environmental challenges that over 200 million Pakistanis face.
Only just round the corner are the shady trees, and the birds singing on the branches, and the sunshine is flecking the pathway.
"It was a young fella and his girlfriend who I think saw it happen, I didn't see it happen I just came round the corner moments later, they called the ambulance.
I will know old age has come, When I lose urge To see what is round the corner, And I let dream and reality merge I will know I have reached old age, When I neglect to turn page Of my newspaper to disagree With what politicians say.
The pub on the corner was Ledo's Cafe, then round the corner was Bartholomew Row, where there was a factory called Perkin & Powell, which is where I worked before I went in the army.
I noticed this the other day at the very wide crossing at the junction of St Mary Street and Wood Street, where half a dozen people crossed just as a bus came round the corner.