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An active asset management strategy that tactically overweighted and underweighted certain sectors, depending on expected performance. Sometimes called sector rotation.

Sector Rotation

An investment strategy in which a portfolio overweights or underweights certain sectors in accordance with expected performance. Sector rotation is a form of active investment management; the portfolio manager observes market trends and alters the composition of the portfolio in order to earn the highest possible return. Sector rotation is fairly high risk, as a portfolio's systematic overweighting and underweighting means that is not efficiently diversified. See also: Markowitz portfolio theory.
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This is useful for rotational molding because the materials are exposed to high temperatures for longer periods than with other plastic molding techniques.
For the effect of tool rotational speed and transverse speed, the hardness as shown in figure.
mech], induced by friction in bearings and aerodynamic losses, generated by aerodynamic drag dependant on rotational speed of the rotor.
APS business rules do not apply to the KEES because rotational units will actively exercise and maintain the equipment without interruption.
It's not good that until now there are still many places in Mindanao that have rotational brownouts because of water shortage; Napocor's water supply isn't strong enough .
The company has recently invested in two additional Haas VF4 SS machines for high speed machining at 12,000 rpm, which are perfect for its aluminium rotational mould tools, as well as a new, six dualcore computer capable of running 12 x 3.
Set up in 1994 by husband and wife team Neil and Pat Davidson, Rotational Engineering initially manufactured the steel moulds used to make traffic cones, but quickly added many other bespoke items to its range and operates to ISO 9002 quality management standards.
Rotational Penetrometers are available for purchase through Beneficial Designs, Inc.
The authors found that internal audit functions that use the rotational model have lower internal audit quality, an aggregate score combining dimensions of internal audit experience, certifications, training, size, and objectivity.
Samarasinha said that rotational periods and their changes are important not only for investigating the physical evolution of comets but also for detailed planning of future space missions to comets.

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