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1. To buy or sell an option and then later buy or sell the same option with a different strike price because one believes the price trend will continue. For example, suppose one buys a call option giving one the right but not the obligation to buy a stock at $10. One does this if one believes the underlying price will be above $10 when the option expires. However, if it appears near expiration that the option is well above $10 and likely will continue to, say, $20, one may buy another call option with a longer expiration and a strike price of $14 in order to capture higher gains. Rolling options may provide an investor with time to take full advantage of a prolonged price trend. It may be done with both call options and put options.

2. See: Roll over.


See roll over.
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After much blundering and backing, it stopped at the door: rolling heavily from side to side when its other motion had ceased, as if it had taken cold in its damp stable, and between that, and the having been required in its dropsical old age to move at any faster pace than a walk, were distressed by shortness of wind.
Features: Small footprint; excellent product wall distribution and top-load strength; specialized lid systems offered; patented rim rolling inline with automatic parts handling.
Microstructure: Hot rolling leads to a more homogeneous and finer microstructure, improved strength and corrosion fatigue strength.
To roll, use the mat or your fingers to curl the nearest edge of the nori into a tight spiral, as if you are rolling up a sleeping bag.
On the calender (figure 2), pressure is built up from the rolling bank to the nip of the rolls.
Delta Air Lines is exercising two aircraft options from the 20 options and 30 rolling options announced in November 1997.
In a letter to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), the Service stated that individuals receiving involuntary IRA distributions made by the RTC as a result of the insolvency of a financial institution would not be prevented from rolling over the distributions to a new IRA, if all other applicable requirements - such the 60-day limit - were met.
As the presenting sponsor of the Super Bowl XL Halftime Show featuring The Rolling Stones, Sprint (NYSE:S) today announced a sweepstakes that grants unprecedented, VIP viewing of The Rolling Stones' live Halftime performance for one lucky winner, among other noteworthy prizes.
Start rolling up and after a couple of rolls, fold in edges on two opposite sides.
Normal mill mixing occurs with a rolling bank between the two opposite rotating rolls.