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1. To buy or sell an option and then later buy or sell the same option with a different strike price because one believes the price trend will continue. For example, suppose one buys a call option giving one the right but not the obligation to buy a stock at $10. One does this if one believes the underlying price will be above $10 when the option expires. However, if it appears near expiration that the option is well above $10 and likely will continue to, say, $20, one may buy another call option with a longer expiration and a strike price of $14 in order to capture higher gains. Rolling options may provide an investor with time to take full advantage of a prolonged price trend. It may be done with both call options and put options.

2. See: Roll over.


See roll over.
References in classic literature ?
His pale waxen face was still freckled and his eyes were rolled back.
While she slept, six decades or more had rolled back and she was again in her girlhood; suddenly recalled from it she was dizzy, as with the rush of the years.
With his long, white, nervous fingers he adjusted the delicate needle, and rolled back his left shirt-cuff.
Then I rolled back to the heap and returned with as many shells as I could carry in both hands.
With feet firmly planted, their sleeves rolled back to give free play to their muscles, their long yellow bow-staves in their left hands, and their quivers slung to the front, they had waited in the four-deep harrow formation which gave strength to their array, and yet permitted every man to draw his arrow freely without harm to those in front.
Then gently the great wave broke, and rolled back to the sea, leaving Ripple on the shore, and the child clasped in his mother's arms.
Thus I leave it, and though, except those to whom the secret is know, none would guess that a cave was here, yet it can be rolled back again with a push of the hand.
The bus fare price hike should be rolled back at once.
The Secretary Textile informed that the government has rolled back the Textile City Project designed in 2004 in Karachi owing to gas shortage and other energy-related issues.
com/donald-trump-60-minutes-live-stream-president-elect-rolls-back-campaign-promises-wall-2445459) rolled back some of his support over the weekend for a concrete border wall along the entire United States-Mexico frontier.
Shell and Seaoil rolled back gasoline prices by 40 centavos per liter, diesel by 30 centavos per liter and kerosene by 45 centavos, effective 6 a.
And if for instance, the programme is rolled back for B.