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1. To buy or sell an option and then later buy or sell the same option with a different strike price because one believes the price trend will continue. For example, suppose one buys a call option giving one the right but not the obligation to buy a stock at $10. One does this if one believes the underlying price will be above $10 when the option expires. However, if it appears near expiration that the option is well above $10 and likely will continue to, say, $20, one may buy another call option with a longer expiration and a strike price of $14 in order to capture higher gains. Rolling options may provide an investor with time to take full advantage of a prolonged price trend. It may be done with both call options and put options.

2. See: Roll over.


See roll over.
References in classic literature ?
More trees stood in the middle of it, but the undergrowth and the jungle grass at the sides had been rolled back.
When Monsieur Mitral and the vicar had departed, Saillard rolled back the card-table and sat down in an armchair in the attitude he always assumed when about to tell some office-gossip,--a series of movements which answered the purpose of the three knocks given at the Theatre- Francais.
Now scaur and ravine changed and rolled back to jagged mountains on the horizon's edge, and now broke into hills lower and lower, till at last came the true plains.
Children cast themselves on the ground, and rolled back and forth cheering and whooping; strong men, their faces hidden in their clothes, swayed in silence, till the agony became insupportable, and they threw up their heads and bayed at the sun; women, mothers and virgins, shrilled shriek upon mounting shriek, and slapped their thighs as it might have been the roll of musketry.
And if for instance, the programme is rolled back for B.
The girl was trapped after a car rolled back onto her outside Trimsaran School.
The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has rolled back an emergency measure that had been taken to strengthen the currency.
Mumbai: India's rupee dropped to the lowest level since its record as the central bank kept interest rates unchanged and said measures taken this month to tighten cash supply will be rolled back as the currency stabilises.
THE YEARS rolled back when former members of staff at a much-loved Liverpool department store held an emotional reunion.
The All Nepal National Independent Students' Union-Revolutionary, a student wing of the Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), enforced the shutdown demanding that hikes in private school fees that came into effect from the new academic session that started this month be rolled back.
Shakespears Sister O2 ACADEMY SIOBHAN Fahey rolled back the years as she and her band delighted a small band of Brummie fans.
CB which said it already took back some of the crisis measures taken for the foreign currency markets said the conveniences provided by the bank would be rolled back gradually as the global markets showed signs of recovery.