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A rarely used unit of length in the U.S. system equal to five and a half feet.


A linear unit of measurement equal to 161/2 feet.

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The microvilli are well organized and are surrounded in the extracellular space by numerous perpendicularly aligned and presumably secreted membranous rodlets (Fig.
2011) proposed that the koilin consisted of vertical rodlets produced by the gizzard glands and a horizontal matrix produced by the surface epithelial cells, and the lamellae of koilin were horizontal.
Optimization tests to improve dismantling operations and, in parallel, preliminary testing of new experimental facilities will be carried out; it includes a drying system for wet, defective spent fuel (SF) rods, a system to apply vibration to SF rods, a focused ion beam (FIB) to prepare small specimens for analysis, a setup for creep tests on SF rodlets.