rocket scientist

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Rocket scientist

An employee of an investment firm (often having a Ph.D. in physics or mathematics) that works on highly mathmatic models of derivative pricing.
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Informal for a quantitative analyst. It is more generally applied to any securities analyst who uses quantitative analysis to determine buy or sell signals. Investment advisory firms employ quants to help them make investment decisions on behalf of clients. A quant is also called a rocket scientist. See also: Technical analysis.
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rocket scientist

See quant.
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'She was a brilliant rocket scientist who followed her husband from job to job and took eight years off from work to raise three children.
Only when more educators step up in such fashion and look for that "little bit of sexy" that will entice kids to learn will we ensure that we don't miss the future rocket scientists like Adam Steltzner when they're sitting right in front of us.--JR
You don't have to be a rocket scientist to be an international striker-turnedmanager-turned-Sky pundit, but with a degree in aeronautical engineering from the University of Herts, Iain Dowie fits the bill nicely.
While the full horror is not yet complete, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to predict the full impact of this particular vessel's landing: the Buena Vista Architectural Complex and Congress and Exhibition Centre--a building that (to quote official press information) will 'enhance and fluff up an area for all of Oviedo's citizens to have and enjoy'.
He's not stupid, but he's not bright, he's not a rocket scientist, and he isn't interested in policy.
Yes, it would be helpful to be a rocket scientist to work through this volume, but Sutton, who has been involved in rocket engines since 1943, has taken care to make this comprehensive history accessible as well as rigorous.
That's because German rocket scientist Wernher Von Braun and his team of scientists arrived here in 1950 with a mission: to put U.S.
It does not take a rocket scientist to know that Horsley is thinking of America when he writes of Rome.
It doesn't take a rocket scientist or a brain surgeon to recognize that the word "forced" in FFT means just that--the prospect did not ask for the issues.
Lord did not pick up similar messages from her childhood environment--from Wernher von Braun, for example, the erstwhile Nazi rocket scientist at the Jet Propulsion Laboratories (JPL) in Pasadena, California, where Lord's father, Charles, worked in the '50s and '60s.
Rocket scientist John Whiteside Parsons was one of the founders of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena: a visionary who surprisingly enough was involved not just in science, but in occultism, where friendships with Aleister Crowley and L.