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Rocket scientist

An employee of an investment firm (often having a Ph.D. in physics or mathematics) that works on highly mathmatic models of derivative pricing.


Informal for a quantitative analyst. It is more generally applied to any securities analyst who uses quantitative analysis to determine buy or sell signals. Investment advisory firms employ quants to help them make investment decisions on behalf of clients. A quant is also called a rocket scientist. See also: Technical analysis.

rocket scientist

See quant.
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Rocket Science employs 50 staff at offices in the United Kingdom, the United States of America and Germany set up to market i-snapshot and is looking to double that figure as it grows.
Today Rocket Science, which was set up in 2001, employs 50 people and turns over pounds 2.
Beta Alistine Rocket Science Lip-Zone Treatment Plus+ claims to be the ultimate lip rescue package.
Working primarily at his own expense and with the help of several grants from private institutions, Goddard over the next several decades literally invented modern rocket science.
Students will experience science and engineering tutorials given by Air Force Institute of Technology officials, and a weekly guest lecture series covering topics from rocket science to robots and mechatronics.
Readers of this column have occasionally seen reference made to Medicare PPS record keeping as something akin to rocket science.
Kelly ("[the notion that] prolonged isolation from social and environmental stimulation increases the risk of developing mental illness does not strike this Court as rocket science.
It is ironic that the mental health system has been under such disarray, in the words of Ron LaJeunese, that "Designing a mental health system that will help people with the most severe and persistent mental illnesses is not rocket science.
PUPILS from six schools braved the rain to take part in a day of rocket science.
and Rocket Science Games have signed an agreement that gives SegaSoft the rights to publish and distribute four Rocket Science games.
IT isn't rocket science, however much MIS people pretend otherwise.
In CEO Quarterly's last installment, we advanced the notion that strategic planning is not rocket science and that it can be an extremely profitable activity if done properly.