road show

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Road show

A promotional presentation by an issuer of securities to potential buyers about the desirable qualities of the investments.

Road Show

A presentation that an underwriter and/or issuer makes to potential investors. The term has a connotation of travel; that is, the issuer may go to the potential investors' offices (which may or may not be in the same country) in order to make the presentation. The road show consists of information on a new issue or IPO, set up in a way to make investors want to buy it. The road show has an important, often instrumental role to play in the successful placing of a new issue.

road show

A series of presentations to investors describing an upcoming issue of securities. A road show is designed to drum up interest in the issue among potential investors.
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From April 11, road shows will be conducted in two parts and will be led by Union textile minister Smriti Irani and BJP MP Hema Malini.
The SBS Namibia road show provides the perfect solution for these students to register with us," he said.
In addition to the Road Show presentation, both of the senior detailers conducted in-depth one-on-one interviews with all Truman Supply officers as well as those from USS Gettysburg (CG 64).
We consider the road show an opportunity to have fun and a twoA[degrees] way dialogue with our customers.
During the road show and seminars Jafza also highlighted the Free Zone's incubator concept, which is designed to attract and support Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) seeking to explore opportunities in the region from the Free Zone, at a very nominal cost.
As the road show moved into the second year, Safe@Heart partnered with Sheikh Khalifa Medical City to conduct additional screenings in select organisations in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.
The government of Sharjah, one of the United Arab Emirates, has announced road shows to attract tourists to the nation.
Sri Lanka_Tourism_Promotion Road Show in Guangzhou China
The emphasis of the road shows will be on the emerging CIS, Indian, China and South American markets, a statement said.
New York-based jet charter firm ExcelAire said it has formed a charter team dedicated to music and financial road shows.
Regarding the road shows, the Authority decided that all in-country expenses incurred on road shows inside the country would be borne by PTA.
Russian State Might Conduct International Road Show for the Energy Sector