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Ridding your project of the risk completely is cost-prohibitive or very difficult, if not impossible.
Shift the risk to someone else or into an area where consequences are more tolerable.
Also, as noted, the solvency-based capital measures used by most companies at the urging of regulators and rating agencies focus on risk from the creditors' perspective, not the shareholders'.
The experience of pharmaceutical companies operating across borders illustrates the risk of doing business in countries--including one's home country--with variable and evolving ethics and compliance standards.
In IT, the kind of well developed statistical or actuarial models that assess financial risk and give it a reasonable level of precision do not yet exist.
This awareness is likely brought on by recent high-profile cases involving records and information and new laws and regulations, though the awareness of the rationale for records and information risk management still is likely to focus attention on loss avoidance rather than opportunity maximization.
Compliance or operational risk occurs because of non-compliance with tax requirements factually, or lapsing over time, thereby jeopardizing the viability of a tax position (e.
Relative to never-users, current users of estrogen-only therapy had a risk of breast cancer that was increased by about one-third (relative risk, 1.
There are basically three types of contractual risk transfer tools.
The risk of dying of cancers like liver, pancreas, cervix, gallbladder, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, and multiple myeloma was higher in heavier people.
For purposes of determining a bank's assets, different types of assets are weighted according to the level of perceived risk that each type represents, and each off-balance-sheet exposure is converted to its equivalent amount of assets and weighted as that type of asset would be weighted.
Auditors are cautioned not to think that these fraud risk factors are all-inclusive.