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President Napolitano said international law must be respected and that Macedonia is rightfully preserving its position regarding the principles that need to be observed fully by any country," Ivanov added.
It could be rightfully said that Moscow got the writer out of him.
But Vincent and cousin Michael Hickey - awarded pounds 900,000 - are determined to win back the money which they say is rightfully theirs and have now taken their case to the European Court of Human Rights.
THOUSANDS of pensioners could be missing out on cash which is rightfully theirs.
According to the Sun Journal, Zorb New England co-manager Jeremy Coito also acknowledged that his business is not associated with New Zealand-based Zorb Ltd., but maintained that "Zorbing is a generic trademark, a sport" and that he can rightfully use its name.
Millions are missing out on benefits, cash that's rightfully theirs, because they don't know that they are entitled to, are worried about the complexity of the process or are embarrassed about claiming.
All we want is what is rightfully ours - the pensions you told us were guaranteed, safe and protected by law.
Married Canham, 58, saved it from income support he rightfully claimed.
Its leader, Randy Brinson, contends that Giles absconded with assets and a mailing list that rightfully belongs to the Christian Coalition.
The clubs just need a share of what is rightfully theirs.
Everything, including the pressing work of their farm, is set aside so that they can rightfully contemplate and consider the wonder of Christ's Incarnation.
She rightfully points out, however, that this never amounted to a radical challenge to gender roles: girls accepted the dominant "societal messages about femininity, heterosexuality, consumerism, and commercial beauty." [174]