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Movements between captures were standardized such that 0[degrees] represented movement directly toward the right-of-way and 180[degrees] was directly away from the right-of-way.
Least chipmunks preferred the right-of-way ([chi square] = 11.
An adult male southern red-backed vole crossed the right-of-way at powerline site 2 during its natural movements (two crosses by one individual).
During their natural movements, North American deermice readily crossed the right-of-way (13 crosses by nine individuals) and the right-of-way at control sites (four crosses by four individuals).
Least chipmunks crossed the right-of-way in their natural movements (four crosses by three individuals) and after translocation at powerline sites.
Southern red-backed voles in edge and forested habitats at powerline sites exhibited significant directional movements parallel to the right-of-way (Rayleigh's test, P < 0.
Our results differ from Goldingay and Whelan (1997), who reported that abundance decreased along a powerline right-of-way in eucalyptus forests.
It - Invitation To Bid (Itb): Mowing And Trimming Of Road Right-Of-Ways
WCG can be quite competitive in terms of cost and timing given its use of pipeline right-of-ways inherited from TWC.
Because of the superior detail and accuracy of the imagery from DAIS-1, it is an excellent tool for both small-area and linear feature activities, such as assessing utility right-of-ways, conducting wetlands studies and performing detailed landcover analysis.