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Term for a security whose price seems too high in light of its price history.
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Describing a person or entity with strong financial resources. There is no strict definition of how much one needs to have in order to be "wealthy," but, in general, it refers to one with more money or assets relative to others in a society. The wealthy drive economic growth. Some believe this ought to be encouraged, as it eventually makes the remainder of society wealthier; others, however, believe growth is strongest when the needs of multiple classes are balanced. A few others believe wealthy persons ought to have most of their resources confiscated and redistributed, but this is a minority opinion.
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Of, relating to, or being a security price judged by some investors to be too high. For example, a new issue of stock may carry an offering price that many analysts consider rich. If too many investors and analysts believe the price is rich, the offering may be unsuccessful.
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