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The interest retained by a grantor after transferring some of its interests but not all. A landlord transfers some of its interests when it executes a lease; the right retained is the reversion. Also called a reversionary interest. Contrast with right of reentry.

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Earlier, Zairil announced that Muntri Street's Malay name has reverted to Lebuh Muntri instead of Jalan Muntri.
That's just what's been going on as the oil-gold price ratio re-establishes itself and reverts towards its homeostasis.
"As a commission, it is our mandate to verify that the land has no legitimate owner then we can make a decision on how to revert the same to the residents," Swazuri said.
Even without stem cells, the mice developed a precancerous condition because mature stomach cells reverted back to a stem cell state to heal the injury.
Would she feel insulted if , say, a Frenchman, or German,or Spaniard reverted to their mother tongue, and she could not understand what they said.
The report indicated that 43 percent of these mortgages were due to revert to principal-and-interest repayment arrangements within the next 18 months, which would mean higher repayments for borrowers.
Spurs may now revert to their ageold status as also-rans.
At the open of the market on 12 October 2011, the company said it will revert back to AGEN.
The move is similar to one introduced by Nationwide in April last year, when it said new mortgage customers would revert to its standard mortgage rate of base rate plus 3.49 per cent, when their deal ended, rather than its base mortgage rate of 2.99 per cent.
Cell researchers at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine reported they have identified key molecular players responsible for allowing adult cells to revert back into a primordial, stem cell state in fruit flies.
People with less than a 25 per cent equity stake in their home are likely to be better off staying on their lender's standard variable rate, which they revert to when their current deal comes to an end, than they are remortgaging.
He said:"As a revert to Islam, people may have to cope with negative reactions because of the way the media often portrays Muslims as terrorists.