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The interest retained by a grantor after transferring some of its interests but not all. A landlord transfers some of its interests when it executes a lease; the right retained is the reversion. Also called a reversionary interest. Contrast with right of reentry.

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The individual can choose to release home equity using reverse mortgages or home reversion plans, to buy annuities, and long-term care insurance.
As at 31 March 2015, the Sovereign portfolio comprised 767 properties primarily subject to home reversion plans, located throughout the UK.
Using the same inputs as in Tables 5 and 4, the improvements increase total present value by 70% in a 50-year urban analysis and 25% in a 50-year suburban analysis (compared with land-only reversions).
The number of home reversion schemes taken out increased by six per cent, as Financial Services Authority regulation of the products, which was introduced in April last year, boosted confidence in them.
This money will become increasingly important to lifestyle, says Sovereign reversions, as pension provision in the private sector becomes poorer: final salary schemes are being consigned to history, while annuity rates are shrinking because of increased life expectancy.
From April 6, the Financial Services Authority (FSA), the Government's City watchdog tasked to provide a fair deal for consumers, will regulate home reversion plans, which enable owners to unlock the value of their homes without moving.
On one hand, ERIC offers to advise elderly people on buying into home reversion schemes, on the Cavendish site, they advise people how to make money by selling them!
But reversions are costly, depriving producers of international rights.
Leading home reversion provider Bridgewater Equity Release has appointed two new members to the team as part of an ongoing skills development at the company.
The main schemes are lifetime mortgages, interest-only, rolled-up interest, home income and home reversion plans.
Children in both arms of the study, those receiving periodic transfusions and those going without, received close clinical and transcranial Doppler (TCD) surveillance every 8-12 weeks for the first occurrence of reversion of TCD to abnormal.
This, it claims, may result in consumer confusion, and may lead to brokers favouring lifetime mortgages over home reversions due to regulatory reasons and will ultimately reduce overall development of the equity release market.