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The interest retained by a grantor after transferring some of its interests but not all. A landlord transfers some of its interests when it executes a lease; the right retained is the reversion. Also called a reversionary interest. Contrast with right of reentry.

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A reversionary interest in a policy is an incident of ownership if, immediately before the insured's death, the value of the reversionary interest is worth more than five percent of the value of the policy.
Application of the assumptions presented resulted in estimated year 1 net operating income of $213,784 and a reversionary value for the subject property at the end of year 10 of $3,050,961.
Generally, a grantor will be treated as the owner of any portion of a trust in which he has a reversionary interest in either the corpus or the income, if, as of the date of inception of that portion of the trust, the value of such interest exceeds 5% of the value of the trust.
First, there is a product that is sometimes called a reversionary annuity.
Consequently, we expect to begin generating significant revenues from our 7.4% overriding royalty and mineral interests during fiscal 2010, while also beginning the process of earning our additional 25% reversionary working interest (20% revenue interest), for a total revenue interest of 27.4%.
A reversionary annuity can be the solution for impaired risk as well as standard risk cases.
The March payrolls number does not include the latest jump in jobless claims, which have hit reversionary levels," said Kathy Lien, a chief strategist at Forex Capital Markets.
Attorneys' manual; example agency regulations and FFCA handbooks; sample court documents; a sample stipulation for compromise settlement and release of claim, and irrevocable reversionary inter vivos medical trust; ATLA Education speaker papers; and a bibliography of law journal and law review articles.
The first is an annual reversionary bonus which, when added by the insurer, cannot be taken away.
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