Revenue sharing

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Revenue sharing

The percentage split between the general partner and limited partners of profits and losses resulting from the operation of the involved business.
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Revenue Sharing

1. The practice of splitting a company's profits and losses between parties. For example, a partnership shares revenue between partners in accordance with each one's share in the company. Alternatively, revenue sharing may indicate any arrangement where a company gives a portion of its profits to its employees or other companies in an alliance.

2. The practice of a government giving a portion of tax revenue to subdivisions of government. For example, a province may apportion a certain percentage of the taxes it collects to municipalities and a national government may do the same for its provinces. In the United States, the federal government practiced revenue sharing with the states until the 1980s, when the Reagan administration stopped the practice to reduce the national deficit.
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In some recent lawsuits, plaintiffs have tried, without success, to show that using revenue sharing is a fiduciary breach by plan sponsors, says attorney Carol Buckmann, co-founding partner of Cohen & Buckmann P.C.
In his response to the committee's stand on the matter, Benue State commissioner of Finance and Economics Planning, Mr David Olofu said that the revenue sharing formula was lopsided.
But the Senecas stopped payments in 2016, saying they had fulfilled their obligation under the compact and no more revenue sharing was written into the 2016 extension.
Landry said revenue sharing did not generate a great deal of discussion at the conference.
We derive a simple condition that contains local revenue in domestic currency, national revenue and team payroll in another currency, and revenue sharing. Revenue sharing can serve the purpose of at least partially insulating a domestic team from exchange-rate exposure.
Seventy percent of plans use revenue sharing to cover fees; however, almost a third (29%) use a flat dollar charge to pay fees instead.
She said the government was also pushing for the passage of new laws that define a new fiscal regime and revenue sharing arrangement in mining.
The retirement plan marketplace offers various service provider fee arrangements, commonly described as cost-based, revenue required, revenue sharing, and fee equalization.
This revelation of a Google-Apple revenue sharing model goes directly against Apple CEO, Tim Cook's criticism of Google's ad-based business model.
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