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Unearned income (revenue)

Income received in advance of the time at which it is earned, such as prepaid rent.
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The amount of money a company earns through the sale of goods or services, rents, and other sources. Revenue is the amount the company makes; it should not be confused with profit, which is revenue less expenses. Likewise, it should not be confused with cash flow, as revenue can be money owed but not yet paid.
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The inflow of assets that results from sales of goods and services and earnings from dividends, interest, and rent. Revenue is often received in the form of cash but also may be in the form of receivables to be turned into cash at a later date.
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Revenue is the money you collect for providing a product or service.

Revenue is different from earnings, which is what's left of your revenue after subtracting the costs of producing or delivering the product or service and any taxes you paid on the amount you took in.

When corporations release their financial statements, those that provide services, such as power or telecommunications companies, describe their income as revenues, while those that manufacture products, such as lightbulbs or books, describe their income as sales.

The money a government collects in taxes is also called revenue. The US body that collects those taxes is called the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). In the United Kingdom, it's Inland Revenue.

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  1. the money received by a firm from the sale of its output of GOODS or SERVICES (SALES REVENUE).
  2. money received by the government from TAXATION.
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the money received by a firm from selling its output of GOODS or SERVICES (SALES REVENUE) or money received by government from TAXATION. See AVERAGE REVENUE, MARGINAL REVENUE, TOTAL REVENUE.
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The total rent, sales, or earnings of a company. When negotiating for the purchase of income-producing property, be sure to inquire about the seller's definition of revenue rather than make the assumption that the seller is using the correct terminology to describe figures supplied to you. Contrast with income.

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