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Then that gives us an idea of a retrospective appraisal of what really caused this development (our growth and achievements).
But let's say you receive a friendly letter from a lender asking for your assistance because a certain loan has gone into foreclosure and the retrospective appraisal is significantly lower than your appraised value.
CASE PROBLEM: You need to perform a retrospective appraisal of a home that was wiped out by a hurricane.
* Considering unanticipated events, market data, or transactional data that occurred subsequent to the effective date of the appraisal, unless it is apparent that the appraiser has relied upon hindsight in formulating opinions and conclusions, as might occur in the preparation of a retrospective appraisal
This ambitious, probing, and often insightful 16-chapter volume unexpectedly turned into a retrospective appraisal of Alan Bersin's seven years as superintendent of the San Diego City Schools.
Meanwhile, a retrospective appraisal revealed that the original appraisal used to underwrite the loan was overly aggressive.
The results of two retrospective appraisal review surveys indicate that many appraisers will not go beyond the brief space allotted on the URAR form when making their Site comments.
However, findings on the consistency of appraisals of similar circumstances over time, together with an absence of contradiction from other contextual observations, means that retrospective appraisals may "at least provide 'noisy' data when other methods of data gathering are inappropriate" (Bennett et al., 2003, p.
Together with this commonly stated core relational theme, teachers' retrospective appraisals on other negative and positive emotions such as anger have tended to be consistent rather than contradicted, and have contributed to our understanding of teachers' emotional experiences and emotion regulation in their routine teaching (Sutton, 2004, 2007).
Overall, retrospective appraisals of presidential performance do not seem to differ systematically by whether the former presidents were Democrats or Republicans, all else equal.
An appraisal review may follow the guidelines for retrospective appraisals offered in USPAP SMT-3, including the use of subsequent events to confirm trends but also applying a logical cutoff date.