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To extinguish a security, as in paying off a debt.
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1. The act or process of causing a security to cease to exist. It especially applies to debt securities; when a bond for example matures is said to be retired. However, a stock or other security may also be retired if its issuer buys it back.

2. A situation in which one stops working in one's old age, or at least when one has saved enough money to last the remainder of one's life. Generally, retirement occurs after the age of 65, but this is not a hard-and-fast rule. Both governments and companies offer pensions, annuities, and other plans to provide for one's financial needs in retirement.
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retire (a debt)

To pay off a loan.
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That stereotype does not fit women, in particular those who have taken time off to raise children, or are single, or women (and for that matter men) who, from economic necessity or for their self-esteem, choose to continue working, part-time or otherwise, after "retiring from the organisation".
Its only senator, Azam Khan Swati, will be retiring in March.
After retiring in 1987 to Boca Raton, he enjoyed sports, jazz, art, politics and writing short stories and songs.
"It's encouraging to see that the majority of expats believe they made the right decision in retiring abroad and are living their chosen dream."
Retiring practitioners also recognize the need to properly transition the client base.
Before retiring she was taking home about $3,000 a month in addition to her share of her ex-husband's pension.
It is crucial that a retiring CFO works closely with the CEO to carefully structure a framework and process that is sensitive to these potential issues.
Diaz's other patients for a common cause: They would raise $40,000 to cover the insurance increase and keep their doctor from retiring." Fritsch began contacting the news media and made the first contribution ($100) to the campaign.
In addition, the audit firm must review the partner's work to assess whether the retiring partner exercised appropriate professional skepticism on the audit engagement.
He has extensive training and experience in management development, human relations, and effective communications, and served as a welfare fraud investigator and Supervisor of Investigative Services for El Paso County and Manager of Fraud Control for the Colorado State Department of Social Services after retiring from the Army.
Masterson had worked in the insurance industry for more than 43 years, retiring from Sentry Insurance Co.
Virtually all corporate pundits and consultants agree that the retiring CEO should leave his or her company and not stay on as chairman or a director or even have an office at company headquarters.