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To extinguish a security, as in paying off a debt.


1. The act or process of causing a security to cease to exist. It especially applies to debt securities; when a bond for example matures is said to be retired. However, a stock or other security may also be retired if its issuer buys it back.

2. A situation in which one stops working in one's old age, or at least when one has saved enough money to last the remainder of one's life. Generally, retirement occurs after the age of 65, but this is not a hard-and-fast rule. Both governments and companies offer pensions, annuities, and other plans to provide for one's financial needs in retirement.

retire (a debt)

To pay off a loan.
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Sixty-three percent of non-retired investors want to retire before they reach the age of 67 -- the minimum age to receive full Social Security benefits.
Prudential's Class of surveys were conducted by Research Plus using an online methodology: 2011 survey conducted 6-14 December 2010 among 10,143 UK non-retired adults aged 45+ including 1,005 planning to retire in 2011.
Smith was so comfortable that his clients were well transitioned that he elected to retire after year three.
Just over 22 per cent of those survey said they were planning to retire before 60 years of age while comparable portions of boomers said they plan on retiring between 60 and 64 years of age or at 65.
Marital quality slumps the most among couples in which only one spouse retires, especially when the husband retires and the wife keeps working.
The company's workforce demographics indicate that of Inco's 4,600 total employees in Ontario (4,400 in Sudbury and 200 in Port Colborne), roughly one-third of the workforce, about 1,500 employees, are eligible to retire over the next three years.
According to notification, two officers of grade-22 Ishan Ghani, Director General National Coordinator, NACTA will retire on 04-08-2018 and Captain Liaquat Ali Khan Commandant Frontier Constabulary on 27-09-2018 on attaining their age of superannuation.
Nearly four in 10 nonretired Americans, 37%, expect to retire after age 65.
Add to that a host of silverware throughout his career with Warriors and Newcastle, and Culley says he can retire a happy man.
The fact that we are not considered old until we reach our seventies doesn't actually mean we want to keep working until then however - ideally we'd all retire at 55.
But "the handwriting is on the wall: A buyers' market will result from oversupply when CPAs start to retire in force," he says.