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The amount that a construction company is owed but is not paid until a project is completed and passes muster with the client. Retainage is a form of quality control.


Money withheld and not paid until completion of a project and inspection of the goods or services provided.Typically,10 percent of a construction contract price will be withheld until final inspection.

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That means that suppliers and others would no longer have to understand or handle the issues of statutory retainage, fund trapping, accrual of indebtedness, special notices of contractual retainage/ special fabrication and calculating most of the timelines to send notices.
Exhibit 1: Identifying the Complexity and Prioritization of Services Accounts Payable Complexity Priority Process Vendor Medium High Invoices Process Purchasing High High Card (P-Card) Transactions Process Retainage High Medium Payments Prepare and Medium Medium Distribute Vendor Payments Process Employee Low Low Expenses Process Credit Medium Low Notices, Voids, and Cancellations Prepare and Low Medium Distribute 1099 Statements
8220;North Carolina retainage laws are meant to protect subcontractors from the withholding of payment for their services, so it is important that those in the construction industry completely understand these laws.
Retainage amounts might seem to be includible in the year in which the payment to which the retainage relates is accrued because that appears to be when all the events occur that fix the right to receive all amounts called for under the contract.
Also in the good news column is that the form for the release upon progress payment expressly excepts retainage and work done after the date specified in the release from being covered by the release.
Keep a close eye on retainage (final payment held by the owner).
216-8, 9, and 10 is amended to promote the withholding of retainage on contracts under the premise that this encourages contractors to expedite the contract close process.
Billing upon the completion of the contract as opposed to percentage of completion billing, cost plus pricing, AIA billing, and retainage are common billing practices, and the capabilities of XBRL GL to provide tools to relate resources, parties, jobs, and locations over a period of time are crucial to their accurate management.
Each entry begins with discussion of contract clauses, covering claims bar, indemnification, limitation of liability, liquidated damages, no-damages-for-delay, issues of payment, retainage, and immunity from liability.
Owners, as well as their lenders, are concerned about overpaying the general contractor before the work is completed and failing to hold back adequate retainage as security.
Initiated a process to facilitate retainage payment from State for contractors