retail market

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Retail Market

1. The market for the sale of goods or services to consumers rather than producers or intermediaries. For example, a retail clothing store sells to people who will (most likely) wear the clothes. It does not include the sale of the clothes to other stores who will resell them. The retail market contrasts with the wholesale market.

2. The market for the sale of securities to individual investors rather than institutional investors or broker-dealers. See also: Retail banking.

retail market

A market composed of price quotes for a security made by a broker or a dealer to an individual investor. A quote at the retail level entails a higher ask and a lower bid than a quote on the same security for another dealer. Compare inside market.
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Melvyn Sidwell, who runs Supafresh Florists at the Retail Market with his girlfriend Tracy Turnbull, said the traders believed one of the big draws of the Sunday market was free parking and they wanted to know why they cannot offer a similar service one weekday.
Vacancies in the retail market are down slightly - from 7.
Professionals involved in retail sales of cosmetics in these markets will benefit from reading Cosmetics retail market in Central Europe 2012, Market analysis and development forecasts for 2012-2014, an all-encompassing publication from PMR that breaks through the noise of market dynamics to clearly present the data, analysis and forecasts businesses need to achieve successful results.
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Over the past five years (2008-2012), the Indian Food Retail Market has been growing at a rapid pace.
This is a great opportunity to gain access to the largest retail market in the Bronx, which boasts an impressive amount of money in retail sales," states Barry Fields of CBC.
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The development of the online platform opens up the industry to broader competition as more and more companies are entering into the online optical retail market.

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