retail investor

Retail Investor

An investor who invests small amounts of money for himself/herself rather than on behalf of anyone else. Retail investors are the polar opposite of institutional investors, which are large firms who invest on behalf of clients. Some investment vehicles require minimum investments so as to discourage retail investors from them. Retail investors are thought to be risk-averse and poorly informed compared to other investors, though there is disagreement as to how true that is. See also: Odd-Lot Theory.
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retail investor

An individual investor who buys and sells securities for his or her own account. Some brokerage firms specialize in serving retail investors while other brokerage firms strive to attract business from institutions that engage in large trades.
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Retail investor.

Retail investor refers to an individual who buys and sells securities for his or her own account through a traditional or online brokerage firm.

While some retail investors hold portfolios worth millions of dollars and others own just a few securities, they are different from institutional investors, such as pension funds, money managers, or financial services companies, who have discretionary control over at least $100 million in securities.

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retail investor

An individual investor who buys securities through a stockbroker on online service. Contrast with institutional investor.
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With the help of the e-ATM, retail investor can get near real time access to money in bank account when sell stock on BSE.
He cited the framework in Canada where retail investor participation was allowed subject to certain parameters.
This as all three of the country's major islands showed double-digit growth in terms of their share in the retail investor count.
Retail investors are still in a buying mode, as they continue to focus on finding assets that can meet the changing needs of today's consumers and produce desirable returns, according to Real Capital Markets' May 2018 Retail Investor Sentiment Report.
What ICOs do, Clayton continued, "is they take the disclosure-like benefits of a private placement and then add to it the public general solicitation and retail investor promise of a secondary market without registering with us.
We have the tools at our disposal to improve retail investor protection and we will move in that direction.'
The retail investor portion was subscribed only 44.11 per cent despite the five- per cent discount offered to them.
Nomura are delighted to leverage our expertise with the Japanese retail investor base to facilitate investment in this worthwhile cause and look forward to future involvement in the programme,' said Spencer Dove, managing director, DCM SSA at Nomura International plc.
To help reduce the risk of retail investor, SGX has been holding investor education seminars with about 85,000 attendees in fiscal year 2014, more than twice the number of attendees in the previous fiscal year at 32,000.
Arabtec, which saw its highest trading volume since January, may have attracted fresh retail investor attention after it said it was "interested" in building a new airport in Egypt and "has the necessary support from the Egyptian leadership".
More than 700,000 retail investor applications to buy shares had been made by the time of Tuesday night's deadline, while the institutional offer was more than 20 times over-subscribed.
But other companies are going to get the listing bug fairly soon, and with retail investor appetites so ravenous, we could be in for a bumpy ride.

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