retail investor

Retail Investor

An investor who invests small amounts of money for himself/herself rather than on behalf of anyone else. Retail investors are the polar opposite of institutional investors, which are large firms who invest on behalf of clients. Some investment vehicles require minimum investments so as to discourage retail investors from them. Retail investors are thought to be risk-averse and poorly informed compared to other investors, though there is disagreement as to how true that is. See also: Odd-Lot Theory.

retail investor

An individual investor who buys and sells securities for his or her own account. Some brokerage firms specialize in serving retail investors while other brokerage firms strive to attract business from institutions that engage in large trades.

Retail investor.

Retail investor refers to an individual who buys and sells securities for his or her own account through a traditional or online brokerage firm.

While some retail investors hold portfolios worth millions of dollars and others own just a few securities, they are different from institutional investors, such as pension funds, money managers, or financial services companies, who have discretionary control over at least $100 million in securities.

retail investor

An individual investor who buys securities through a stockbroker on online service. Contrast with institutional investor.
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Retail investor purchases increased significantly as a percentage of the total par amount sold each week.
Hannon Armstrong," NYSE: HASI), announced that the November 13th presentation from Jeff Eckel, President & CEO, and Brendan Herron, Executive Vice President & CFO, is now available for on-demand viewing at the Retail Investor Conferences virtual event.
There was indeed a lack of retail investor interest in equity mutual funds in the first half of 2010, but the situation has improved significantly in the second half, particularly in the July-September 2010 quarter.
Retail investor activity in the government agency and GSE bond markets is believed to be comparable to retail activity in the corporate bond market.
Planning calendar available: To facilitate investor relations scheduling and budgeting, a full calendar of Retail Investor Conferences.
an innovative online securities firm that pioneered the offering of portfolios to investors and owns a number of patents on the method, announced today the launch of the mFOLIO Program of professionally managed personal portfolio accounts for the retail investor.
Scivantage's proven, back-office agnostic brokerage platforms offer a full suite of essential components that span the workflow of financial professionals and satisfy the investment needs of the retail investor.
Wall Street Is No Home Depot," a guest article by Jim Cramer, looks at how and why individual investors were led astray in the 1990's and describes what the retail investor has learned from the debacle.
com), a provider of daily trade indicators to the active retail investor, announced today its year-to-date and year-to-year performance up to the quarter ending September 30, 2005.
Contest Judges include Journalists, Research Analysts, Retail Investor Representatives and Designers
Now, every retail investor will get a minimum number of shares subject to availability, while the remaining will be allotted proportionately.
Not likely, because retail investor can't actually buy it at the IPO price (that's reserved for institutional players).

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