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A limitation on the use of property, usually contained in the deed, in restrictive covenants appearing in the real estate records,or by virtue of local ordinances.

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National Marine Fisheries Service conducted an experiment with a restrictor line on the standardized trawl gear that is used in the annual bottom trawl survey in the eastern Bering Sea (hereafter referred to as the survey).
Schumer's action followed a report on the efficacy of the devices by ProPublica and Consumer Reports, and he noted that several manufacturers have installed flow restrictors on their products, and that the FDA has advocated for the voluntary use of the devices for more than a decade.
When children were given uncapped bottles with flow restrictors, only 6 percent completely emptied the bottles before the end of a 10-minute test.
The speed restrictor on production Veyrons apparently lowers its top speed from 431 km/h to 415 km/h - for safety reasons.
Unfortunately, there were several complaints that the plastic flow restrictor on the new Infants' TYLENOL Suspension 1 oz.
Part 631658 has a restrictor orifice, while 628437 does not.
Currently available as 600-mL, 1:1-ratio cartridges, in polypropylene or nylon, the Q Series is easy to open and close, fits all common industry dispensers, has a sturdy construction, and is pressure-tested for safe operation, the company says, adding that Q Series 600-mL cartridges have an optional flow restrictor for low-viscosity materials to help eliminate backflow and leakage.
BOA RESTRICTOR: George Boateng pokes Nicklas Bendtner in the eye
The approach in balancing the flow across the die exit was to implement a flow restrictor bar along the flow path of the middle section to compensate the resistance differences between the thinner and thicker walls.
The eaga ShowerSmart can be fitted to a wide range of showers and mixer taps to act as a flow restrictor. Tests show it can limit the flow rate to 7.7 litres per minute, saving more than 21,000 litres of water per year for a family of four.
The photo shows a cop view taro a hopper, with the wide-open outlet on left (white) for high-rate dosing and the dark restrictor plate that slides over the outlet for low rate dosing.