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A limitation on the use of property, usually contained in the deed, in restrictive covenants appearing in the real estate records,or by virtue of local ordinances.

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Instead of metal, Schurco's restrictor components are made of a polymer reinforced with additives such as graphite and glass, Pierce said.
Trelleborg's offshore operation now has certificates for API 17L1 for bend restrictors, bend stiffeners and modular buoys.
National Marine Fisheries Service conducted an experiment with a restrictor line on the standardized trawl gear that is used in the annual bottom trawl survey in the eastern Bering Sea (hereafter referred to as the survey).
When children were given uncapped bottles with flow restrictors, only 6 percent completely emptied the bottles before the end of a 10-minute test.
The issue came to light last week when US sports car maker, Hennessey, questioned the Veyron's claim, pointing to the restrictor and claiming its own Venom GT was actually the fastest after it posted 427 km/h at a US Naval air base in California recently.
Unfortunately, there were several complaints that the plastic flow restrictor on the new Infants' TYLENOL Suspension 1 oz.
The restrictor height was varied in 1-mm interval to obtain sets of objective function values.
859 seconds for the day while running without the BARC restrictor plate around the 3.
In addition, the integrally moulded flow restrictor ensures smoother pouring of the liquid.
Of the other teams, Kurt Busch has seen younger brother Kyle hogging the headlines, but his Dodge team can often come to the fore at tracks where restrictor plates are fitted to the engines to limit horsepower and his practice times showed promise.
A worm restrictor is placed on the frame (2) and it is actioned by a triphase asynchronous engine (4).
there is a relation of predication between the restrictor (a predicate) and the entity represented by the variable (its argument).