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A limitation on the use of property, usually contained in the deed, in restrictive covenants appearing in the real estate records,or by virtue of local ordinances.

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In fact, if any camp can be said to have won the new immigration debate, it might be the restrictionists, the camp most hostile to the new immigrants.
[15] In 1891, just after Oilman began writing, Francis Amasa Walker, an outspoken restrictionist, compiled the first comprehensive statistical case documenting what came to be known as "race suicide." What Walker observed was the beginnings of a discrepancy between the birthrates among newly arrived immigrants and "old stock Americans," which led him to conclude that there was a direct correlation between immigration from abroad and the falling birthrate among the native born.
Studies based on positive economies inform us that immigrants contribute to economic growth.(57) The real motivations of immigrant restrictionists may be to influence domestic wage rates in their favor,(58) or these restrictionists may simply be engaging in nativist prejudice.(59) More research needs to be performed in the asylum area.
This article seeks to enhance our understanding of why the United States resisted restrictionist legislation in the late twentieth century during times when one may have expected a movement toward closure, as occurred in the 1920s.
While restrictionists had won most battles before the Pearce recall, they failed to dislodge pro-amnesty Reps.
mass media presented this proposition as "pro-immigrant," merely because it was not 100% restrictionist. In reality, from the perspective of immigrant and labor rights, temporary guest worker programs are super-exploitative, at best, and a form of indentured servitude, at worst.
Despite America's record of successful assimilation, this new amalgam of exotic immigrants prompted resurgence in nativist sentiment and restrictionist policies.
Restrictionists have long argued that immigrants take jobs away from American workers.
Of course, Heritage is entitled to repudiate its own work, and restrictionists are entitled to advance their cause as they see fit.
The responses to my column urging Democrats to negotiate with United States President Donald Trump and his senior adviser Stephen Miller on immigration in America, because a deal hammered out with restrictionists would have more durability and democratic legitimacy, were helpfully divided between the first category and the second.
Romney fended off attacks from his right flank during the Republican primaries by adopting the harsh rhetoric of immigration restrictionists, but his campaign dismisses concerns that that could alienate voters in the general election.
Similarly, while Paul's immigration views irritate many libertarians, professional immigration restrictionists are increasingly at odds with the congressman over his opposition to enforcement mechanisms like E-Verify and sanctions on employers who hire illegal immigrants.