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A limitation on the use of property, usually contained in the deed, in restrictive covenants appearing in the real estate records,or by virtue of local ordinances.

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seem to be in competition to become Sessions's main replacement as Congress's foremost immigration restrictionist.
government actively opposing, in the name of world diplomacy and its own imperialist ambitions, restrictionist measures adopted under public pressure by the western state governments.
Because it is relevant to the discussion that follows, examples of restrictionist laws include those giving state and local officials a role in detection, arrest, and detention of noncitizens on the basis of federal immigration violations.
Rubio could find himself under siege very quickly, if Bush -- or, more likely, the super-PAC supporting him -- picks up the "do nothing" theme of Cruz's attack and if Trump zeroes in on the cleaner, more deadly shot: that immigration restrictionists can't trust the wavering Rubio.
She shows how historic restrictionist campaigns--particularly the deportations and the attacks on naturalization and birthright citizenship--may not have succeeded as their advocates had hoped, but they did generate many of the racial scripts that would endure, especially scripts casting Mexicans as outsiders, their immigration as illegitimate, and state action against them as justified and indeed necessary.
however, because the fatal flaw in most restrictionist state efforts is
69) Wheeler counterweighs another restrictionist argument (the selectivity of responses) by stressing that "it is important to distinguish between actions that are selective because states privilege selfish interests over the defence of human rights, and those that are selective because of prudential concerns.
Fiscal concerns are also generally cited by states and localities as a motivating force of restrictionist reforms.
Restrictionist policies lead to more border apprehensions, which inflame anti-immigrant sentiment, which leads to more severe restrictions.
Obama's reticence in the face of restrictionist fervor has preserved a dismal status quo.
As to the former, "cities in Republican areas are about twice as likely as those in Democratic areas to propose and pass restrictionist legislation and about half as likely to propose or pass pro-immigrant measures.