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A limitation on the use of property, usually contained in the deed, in restrictive covenants appearing in the real estate records,or by virtue of local ordinances.

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As Breitman and Kraut succinctly say it, "Long had crafted a delegation that reflected his own commitment to restrictionism.
Brogaard points out that the puzzle in question takes the form of a knowability-style paradox, and suggests that restrictionism is the most satisfactory patch.
Most have seen movements of protest and politicization against restrictionism, racism, and immigration control.
Although the post-Proposition 227 climate in California made the atmosphere particularly charged, it is important to consider that bilingual education and the bilingual teaching profession is politically "loaded" in most settings in the United States, and different forms of restrictionism, even through the quality of teacher preparation programs and certification requirements (as was the case in Pennsylvania), have been salient throughout the history of the United States.
A vicious restrictionism produced a further deterioration in world trade.
By contrast, Richard Breitman and Alan Kraut, in their 1987 book American Refugee Policy and European Jewry, 1933-1945, attempted to shift the blame for refugee restrictionism away from Roosevelt.
X culminates at a special session of the United Nations held on Ellis Island, thereby reminding the audience of the continuing American debate over free immigration versus nativist restrictionism.
51) However, the view that Buthelezi was primarily responsible for the new restrictionism did not account for the fact that in eight years of government, the ANC had failed to formulate its own definitive immigration policy.
Gilman's distinction between new and old immigrants coincides with the ideology of restrictionism.