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Unfortunately, 2 months later, the patients presented with left lower extremity rest pain associated with coldness, numbness, and paresthesia, which indicated critical ischemia [Figure 1]i.
His postoperative course was unremarkable with complete resolution of his rest pain and an improvement of his ABI to 0.
While the distance walked that precipitates the pain remains constant in 70 to 80 percent of people with PAD, one to two percent develop rest pain or foot ulcers, a severe form of PAD that can result in amputation.
Rest pain is the most severe form of ischaemic pain as this occurs without any physical activity.
Patients suffering from rest pain with ischemia features, trophic lesions, extensive gangrene , ulcers and demonstrable presence of occlusive arterial disease were included in the study.
However, the largest difference in any of these analyses was 18 mm for pain on movement, the differences getting smaller with time postoperatively and with rest pain.
11 cases had non-healing ulcers and 20 had dry gangrene of toe/toes or forefoot, with rest pain.
Initially the pain is mainly related to activity but can progress to rest pain.
ADELAIDE TO REST pain of 2006 in Adelaide (left) was finally buried in the Second Test yesterday
The spectrum of the disease can range from asymptomatic patients (which constitute the majority of patients), patients with intermittent claudication and patients with rest pain and critical ischemia.