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A court proceeding that determines a stated issue. For example, a hearing may be held to determine whether or not certain evidence is admissible in a lawsuit.
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A legal proceeding conducted by an administrative agency in order to take testimony and arguments for or against a proposed action. Parties may have attorneys present but are not required to do so.Unlike the court system,most agencies permit corporations to appear through an officer or majority shareholder,without requiring an attorney.

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The second-level group analysis of the three participant groups (Group: profoundly deaf, residual hearing, and hearing) in the four experimental conditions (Condition: checkerboard, words, sign language, and lip-reading) was performed using SPM.
Zhu et al., "The effects of residual hearing in traditional cochlear implant candidates after implantation with a conventional electrode," Otology & Neurotology, vol.
These benefits are, however, only possible if surgeons do not damage the cochlea (and thus the person's residual hearing) during CI surgery.
Branson and Miller critically address the impact of this "normalizing" treatment on deaf people for the early twentieth-century when audiologists played key roles in determining who was "treatable" for residual hearing. Today surgeons and audiologists routinely fit deaf children with cochlear implants in an effort to return them fully to the hearing world.
A cochlear implant is not an option for Sofie, at least for now, because her hearing aids provide her with a big boost and a cochlear implant would destroy her residual hearing. My wife and I have found learning American Sign Language a blessing and a challenge.
Traditional oral approaches focus on developing the residual hearing of a child who is deaf or hard-of-hearing by utilizing hearing aids or a cochlear implant.
Nicknamed "the quiet school," the Central Institute for the Deaf teaches up to 120 children, from birth to age 14, how to listen and how to talk using any residual hearing they may have.
The association emphasizes the use of technology, speech, speech-reading, residual hearing, and written and spoken language.
Their determination at this time was crucial - children who are profoundly deaf, with no residual hearing at all, only have a few years to educate their brain about the speech process.
Studies indicate that acoustic synthesis hearing aids help to restore some hearing without surgery in patients who have some residual hearing. RTI designed the wearable speech-processing hardware, built at the Univ.
Many players are active in the controversy, but it will be sufficient here to focus on three discursive frameworks that are doing the most to define the parameters of debate: 1) Total Communication, currently the dominant approach to the education of the deaf throughout North America; 2) Deaf Culturalism, which advocates an ASL-centered education for the deaf; and 3) Auditory-Verbal Habilitation, an approach which relies on hearing aids and/or the new technology of cochlear implants to tap into the residual hearing capacity of the hearing-impaired with a view to teaching them to hear and speak, and therewith to equip them for a mainstream education.
We concluded that an innovative interdisciplinary approach was needed to promote residents' well-being and optimum function in terms of their residual hearing. We needed a comprehensive program to systematically analyze the situation: a CQI process combined with staff and family education and development.