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Residual Value

In accounting, an estimate of the value of an asset at the end of its depreciation. For example, a firm's computer depreciates each year. When it breaks down or becomes obsolete, it has a residual value; it is calculated by the best guess of the net cash inflow when it is sold at the end of its life. It will never be above the blue book value.

In price regulated industries, the residual value may be a negative value because it includes the net cash outflow in removing the asset from where it was used. For example, nuclear energy plants must store the nuclear waste at the end of their useful life. This cost is a contributing factor in the residual value. It is also called the salvage value or scrap value. See also: Absolute Physical Life, Obsolescence.


A fee paid to an actor or other performer for a rerun of a program in which he/she was part of the cast. An advertiser or a broadcaster may pay the fee, which is set in a union contract. It is also called a residual fee.




(1) An amount remaining from an investment after payment of all operating expenses, debt service, reserve funds, and income taxes. The residual remains for payment to the investor.

(2) The value of leased personal property at the end of the lease term. Under an operating lease, a lessee may be given the right to purchase the property for the previously agreed upon residual value.Car leases,copier leases,and heavy equipment leases all work on this principle.

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