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If the current trend continues, there will soon be more than one million Native peoples residing in Canada.
My study differs from the work of other historians because it provides an analysis of free women of color residing in nineteenth-century New York City and focuses on their roles as mothers.
Certainly, there are business intelligence tools that--with varying degrees of difficulty, time, expense and resources--are capable of accessing these ad-hoc data sources and potentially integrating them into the information residing in the data warehouse.
Sequential arts instruction and academic encouragement for children and youth residing in Lamar Terrace and LeMoyne Gardens public housing
* whether reasonable measures were put in place to "guard against the acceptance of insurance applications from or provision of insurance services to people residing in Hong Kong." It gives as examples taking addresses or telephone numbers before providing services to potential policyholders.
Mapping this information revealed that most of the screened children residing in housing built before 1950 lived in the northwestern section of the county.
* Commissioned by and residing at the National Italian-American Sports Hall of Fame since 1993, this statue of Marciano stands 6-ft-tall and weighs 450 lb.
A major dilemma for KM is the need to integrate knowledge residing in documents and data with the knowledge residing in human minds.
The term of office will begin upon appointment and will run through October 1,2000 for those members residing in the First, Third and Fifth appellate districts, and through October 1,2003, for those residing in the Second and Fourth districts.
Among those available ideologies, residing awkwardly alongside the dominant, humanist one, is an emergent, or perhaps pre-emergent, feminist one.
Two of these were completed by people with prolonged, mild MS, one by people with severe MS residing in nursing homes, two by companies selling LTCI, and one by state insurance offices.
PASARR requires the states to implement preadmission screening and annual resident reviews for all persons seeking admittance to, or residing in, Medicaid-certified nursing facilities, regardless of whether they are Medicaid, Medicare, or private pay patients.