residential property

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Residential property

Property that consists of homes, apartments, townhouses, and condominiums.

Residential Property

Any property that a municipality has designated for single family homes, apartments, co-operatives, townhouses, and any other place where people live. Mortgages on and income from residential property are often (though not always) entitled to preferential tax treatment.

residential property

(1) In real estate brokerage, commonly used to signify an owner-occupied residence, even though a rental house is technically a residential property. (2) For tax purposes,any rental property in which at least 80 percent of the income is from dwelling units. Residential property enjoys a 27.5-year depreciation period, while normal commercial property must be depreciated over 39 years.

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Results from the performed analysis show that there are 44 residential schemes have meet this criterion and could be considered as residential property hotspots in Greater KL.
Information about current developments in the Austrian residential property market has so far been incomplete, however.
When we talk about a one or two per cent increase on a residential property, sometimes that comes out to $25.
Residential property management is a specialist area governed by some complex legislation but is one which has long been overlooked,' said David Clark, a fellow and founder member of the Institute of Residential Property Management.
REBNY brokers have access to a vast amount of resources and opportunities they can tap into, helping them to effectively market available commercial and residential property and attract and retain tenants/sellers/ buyers.
Traditionally, the school board has avoided the political upheaval of taking residential property but contamination-free land close to soaring student populations is in such short supply that officials say they have little choice.
With the addition of RREEF's properties, JPI will become one of the largest residential property managers in the country, with 112 properties in 20 states plus Toronto, Canada, and a combined 1,300 employees.
The Index measures change in the price of residential property sold in Northern Ireland.
Special zoning allows Harrison and her neighbors to board horses on their private residential property - essentially scaled-down ranches - even near the urban hub of Los Angeles.
also announced that on June 16, 1994 it acquired an interest in the 456-unit Emerald Pointe multifamily residential property located in Vista, Calif.
NYSE:PMI) today released its annual Australian Residential Property Overview, which provides information about the state of the Australian housing residential property market and future forecasts.

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